IABA Europe is an informal network hosted by VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


IABA Europe aims to foster the participation of European scholars within the IABA by organizing biannual conferences, publishing an e-journal, and facilitating contacts through this website.


The European chapter within the International Auto/Biography Association was founded at the Business Meeting which concluded the 2009 conference ‘Life Writing in Europe’. Download or view the Minutes of the Business Meeting 2009 and the Minutes of the Business Meeting at the 2011 conference in Tallinn, Estonia.

Gender and Auto/Biography Network

We want to highlight the importance of gender in life writing and auto/biographical research, and invite all scholars interested in gender and gendered analysis in this area to join the network. The network offers eg. a place to propose and gather joint sessions in conferences, find colleagues with mutual interests and further develop this area with eg. joint research projects. We work under the IABA-Europe, which offers space for us in their homepage and helps us to develop the network.
Contact persons:
Dr. Maarit Leskelä-Kärki (Cultural History, Univ. of Turku), the network. E-mail:
Dr. Anneke Ribberink (Political history, VU University Amsterdam), IABA-Europe. E-mail: